Yeah! Nuit Blanche Ottawa-Gatineau 2013

Jon (my friend and artistic collaborator) and I are super excited that we were accepted to show at Nuit Blanche Ottawa this coming September.  This will be the second year for the festival, and our second time working together.

This time we need your help.  Our project aims be bring memories and glimpses of Ottawa together into one room.  Through projected videos and sound and imagery we aim to expanding the room beyond it’s own dimensions and create an immersive installation for viewers to explore. But we need your help – we need videos from you. Just short little videos.  Videos of you moving through a space in Ottawa, interacting with a space in Ottawa, (walking down the street, riding your bike, looking out the window riding on the bus, canoeing on the river, walking through the park, etc).  Our goal is to combine all these glimpses of experiences together.  However, to keep it relatable to others, we’re trying to include minimal faces.

To submit a video, they can be emailed to or the drop site can be used if your email address wont let you send video/larger files.


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