Window Lenses

Photograph of print on silk organza

I am interested in the idea of memories acting as filters, or lenses, which influence how we perceive our present surroundings.  These memories, and the art representing them, collapse the temporal and spatial distance between the past and the present. With this project I wanted to focus on the relationship between the places in my past that interact with my present surroundings.  Places included thus far include my cottage (a view out the window) and my everyday places around Montréal (as that was where I was living when I started this project). So often the places in which we live become ingrained as part of the everyday, the background, and therefore, the relationship between place and an individual can be forgotten.  I wanted to highlight the importance of the places we inhabit.

* I started working on this series a number of years ago and did a number of test prints.  However, I do not feel it is finished. I would like to work on it further, change the “floating” image and show various other places, and take the photographs in other cities.