Security Blanket

Textile, embroidery, photography (photographs by Deanna Del Vecchio)

Throughout much of my art I am continually drawn back to the genre of self-portraiture and the question of how do we define ourselves.

When I was creating this project, I had just recently moved to Montréal.  This had me reflecting upon those who were important to me and given me support when I moved.  Throughout my life, people’s support has influenced my self-confidence, which in turn has influenced what paths I have taken in life.  Over the years, these people have been my security. Because of them, their words and their actions, I felt confident to face whatever I needed to do. So in part, they have helped shape who I have become.  Whether I am doing something new, or just an everyday activity, their support is encouragement I can take with me anywhere I go.  And this blanket acts as a visible manifestation of this support.

This project actually started out as a painting, but through time and conversations evolved into what you see.  It was this project that sparked my enthusiasm for working with fabrics and embroidery drawing and my interest in the communicative and evocative nature of textiles.