People of My Places Past

Photography on linen and machine embroidered drawings
Perceptions of Place Exhibit, Shaika Café, Montréal, QC

This work was created for an exhibition, Perceptions of Place, as part of NDG Arts Week.  The exhibit asked artist to contemplate the nature of place and the relationships between people and places.

For me, place is tightly connected to people and our memories of people in these spaces.  I have been exploring the concept that the memories we carry with us as we move around act as lenses through which we view, or experience, our present environments. By acting as a path to memories, art allows individuals to imaginatively re-visit experiences, feelings, objects, people, and places, by collapsing the temporal and spatial distance between the past and the presence. 

I have been exploring combining different mediums to try and express the idea of distance of space and/or time and the concept of depicting memories, something I can see, but that other cannot.