Invitation To Observe

Installation; fallen tree branches, twine
Mont Royal, Montréal, QC, 2011

While walking through a forest, nature provides innumerable stimuli to engage our senses and spark a sense of wonder and curiosity, if we allow ourselves to take notice.

When a viewer walks through a gallery they are prepared to view works of art.  They come to the gallery with certain expectations. This work was created along a hiking trail upon Mont Royal, in Montréal, allowing the viewer to happen upon the work without any pre-formed expectations.

This piece was inspired from my own experiences on Mont Royal.  The trails lead up to the top where one is rewarded with a panoramic view of the city, but there were almost no places along the trails to highlight the forest through which you were walking. A chair is an inviting piece of furniture; it encourages one to sit, relax and enjoy.  A window invites us to look, framing a scene.  The goal for this piece was to encourages the viewer to explore the work and contemplate it relationship to the surroundings but also to invites the viewer to take the time to sit and experience the forest – to see, smell, listen and feel the forest around them.