Chinatown Remixed May 17th – June 17th 2014

I am excited to be participating in Chinatown Remixed this year. This is an awesome event showcasing local artists, and bringing together different communities – restaurants, cafes, grocery stores, jewelry stores, etc and the arts. Local businesses will turn into unusual galleries 38 business host 40 Ottawa artists. I will be showing at Phuket Royal Restaurant (713 Summerset). The vernissage… Read more →

A&B Collective and Jane’s Walk Ottawa (May 3rd-4th with Jane’s talk on May1st)

Mark your calendars for the first weekend of May. Jon and I were invited to re-install out Ottawa In One Room installation from last fall’s Nuit Blanche as part of Jane’s Walk Ottawa 2014. This is an amazing festival which promotes getting to know your own neighbourhoods and city. People volunteer to give free tours to highlight various gems within… Read more →

Stephanie Vezina and A&B Collaboration – Live Painting and Video Installation

Jon and I helped out the talented Stephanie Vezina with her finishage event, where she treated people at Shanghai Restaurant to live paintings. Jon and I set up live and simultaneously projected (and overlapping) video of what she was painting and the facial expressions she made during the painting process. This way, viewers were treated to simultaneously seeing what they… Read more →

Nuit Blanche – Ottawa In One Room

Well it took awhile, but everything finally came together for our installation for this year’s Nuit Blanche (My friend Jon and I collaborated to create this year’s project). We were really pleased with the results. A big thank you goes out to all those who submitted videos for the project! Not only were we excited to see it all come… Read more →

Yeah! Nuit Blanche Ottawa-Gatineau 2013

Jon (my friend and artistic collaborator) and I are super excited that we were accepted to show at Nuit Blanche Ottawa this coming September.  This will be the second year for the festival, and our second time working together. This time we need your help.  Our project aims be bring memories and glimpses of Ottawa together into one room.  Through… Read more →