Memory Forest

Memory Forest: A Territory of the Mindscape

Jessica Aylsworth

Installation with fabric, marker and sound

Nuit Blanche Ottawa 2012

(Sound by Jon Booth)

The concept of memory has always intrigued me and is often explored in my artwork. In this work, Memory Forest: A Territory of the Mindscape, I wanted to investigate not only my own memories, but also the nature of memory itself. I was interested in investigating the characteristics of memories, the relationships between memories and how we can navigate through memories.
This installation invited the viewer to wander through the ghostly forest of memories (drawn on translucent panels of organza which moved as you walked past them) and experience the memory-scape. It was my hopes that the glimpses into my memories would encourage the viewers to interact with the images, imagine connections into their own memories; and evoke thoughts on the nature and characteristics of memory.