Jessica AylsworthI am an Ottawa area artist, working mostly with drawing and fabrics, but I also enjoy exploring other mediums. Since moving back to Ottawa, I have been rediscovering the city and it’s growing creative scene. I have enjoyed exploring the crafting scene, the artistic scene and the crazy creative events, which seem to blend a little bit of everything together.

I’ve studied a little bit of everything; geology, biology, art history, visual arts, and art education. However, I realized the arts was where my true interests lie – I enjoy studying and analyzing the art of other artists, curating exhibitions and creating my own artworks. In 2000 I started my university studies in geology at the University of Waterloo, but switched to arts and in 2006 I received my Bachelors of Art History from Carleton University. There I focused my studies on self portraiture and developed my interest in exhibition design. Interested in education, I obtained my Bachelors of Education in 2007 from the University Ottawa in Fine Arts and Biology. After teaching for a little while, I moved to Montreal and graduated with a Masters of Art Education from Concordia University where I studied how the act of creating can be a venue for learning and expanded my own artistic practice. However, my lessons in art began as a child, when my mother would give me little art lessons up at the cottage.

I enjoy working in a number of mediums, drawing, painting, silk screen. However, while studying in Montréal, my art shifted direction and I started exploring the use of textiles and fabric by drawing or printing upon fabrics or drawing with textile based materials (embroidery drawing). I found the tactile softness of the material resonated with themes I was exploring and the woven structure of fabric create metaphoric associations of narratives and connections also found in my work.

Since starting to collaborate with other artists, I have enjoyed exploring new materials, and the nature of how various mediums work together.

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